Waste Recycling Conveyor

Do you want to make money from rubbish then why not install a system to implement this.

More pressure is being put on companies to recycle their waste but reducing your carbon footprint can be an advantage to you.

Why not install a recycling conveyor to help you move your waste around and a sortation conveyor system to help you.

This is becoming increasing popular within companies not only large corporate companies but smaller factories.

Conveyor Belt Bends

Its new technology that has developed the belt bend conveyors. In the past the only type of belt to go around corners were slat conveyors or modular plastic belt but now a donut shape belt can be used to create this effect.

I will be going into more detail on the conveyor belt blog in the next few weeks however you can check out the belt bend conveyor and some images by going to the conveyor manufactures web site on curved conveyors.

New Conveyor Design 90 degree Belt Bend

True 90 degree axis modular belt bend conveyor. This design has the motor mounted within the 90 degree angle there by eliminating the additional lengths traditionally required on the in feed and exit of a 90 degree modular belt bend conveyor.

This conveyor is aimed at the PU Belt bend market. The problems with PU belt bends is they are very expensive, belt replacements are not only expensive but are very time consuming for the maintenance department when refitting.

Our new conveyor offers the advantage of single link replacement which can be done in minutes thereby saving production down time and ultimately profit for our customers.

For more information contact our technical department.

Food Conveyor Belts

Today’s blog is to introduce you to food belt conveyors. I have just created a new page on our website dedicated to the food industry and the types of belting that they need to maintain the hygiene that is necessary for the food processing and packaging industry.

Many different types of belt conveyor can be used but more often than not people are moving away from the flat belt to the new types of modular plastic belts. Due to its ease of cleaning, wash down and hygiene properties.

Food Plastic Belt Conveyor
Food Plastic Belt Conveyor

What are Conveyor Belts

Going back to basics a belt conveyors are loops of belting which are endless (all in one with no ends) which can move your products from one place to another it maybe on the same level or you may need to intergrate flights for a incline. I will move onto this on future blogs

Belt Conveyors  can be powered by fixed or variable speed motors called drives and are often found on the factory floor and warehouse stations or indeed in any industrial type business.

Before conveyors:  components or products would need to have been moved manually around which was time consuming and also tiring. It was a great asset to a company that invested in conveyors as it increased production, cut down on wages due to the need of less manual labour and of course increased profits.

I will be blogging about different types of conveyors over the next few days. This was just a quick introduction to what conveyor belts are.


Welcome ~ Conveyor Belt

This site has been set up to help with your Belt Conveyor product handling.

The aim is to update on a regular basis any new products on the market for conveying your goods.

I will be uploading video’s and photo images and talking about case studies.

If you have an new product you would like me to include in our blog that is about conveyors then please contact us.