Conveyor Belt Bends

Its new technology that has developed the belt bend conveyors. In the past the only type of belt to go around corners were slat conveyors or modular plastic belt but now a donut shape belt can be used to create this effect.

I will be going into more detail on the conveyor belt blog in the next few weeks however you can check out the belt bend conveyor and some images by going to the conveyor manufactures web site on curved conveyors.

New Conveyor Design 90 degree Belt Bend

True 90 degree axis modular belt bend conveyor. This design has the motor mounted within the 90 degree angle there by eliminating the additional lengths traditionally required on the in feed and exit of a 90 degree modular belt bend conveyor.

This conveyor is aimed at the PU Belt bend market. The problems with PU belt bends is they are very expensive, belt replacements are not only expensive but are very time consuming for the maintenance department when refitting.

Our new conveyor offers the advantage of single link replacement which can be done in minutes thereby saving production down time and ultimately profit for our customers.

For more information contact our technical department.