Checkweigher Conveyor Belts

In the fast moving food processing industry such as cheese you need an accurate way of checking the weight of the packed item.

These machines require a reject lane for overwieght or underweight items.

If the item to be weight checked is raw and in contact with the conveyor belt it needs to be FDA approved or the EU equivalant regulatory body.

These tend to be Polyurethane coated belts which are normally one ply thick with a very accurate joint so as not to affect the machine calibration.(one gramme variation could cause a lot of rejects).

Conversley elasticated belts can be used where the items to be weight checked are not in direct contact with the conveyor belt (package around the item). There are various grades and levels of elasticity and the joints on these types of belt are very flat which virtually eliminates joint weighing fluctuation.

checkweigher conveyor belt

checkweigher conveyor belt

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