UK Exporting Conveyor Companies

C-Trak are a Conveyor Company that now Export Conveyors to the Middle East. They have a new agent in Saudi Arabia that can handle the Catering style of conveyors for their kitchen equipment.

They have been in business for over 30 years and have a good reputation for build quality and customer service.

If you are interested in exporting a UK conveyor from  Saudi Arabia then contact them on +00 44 (0) 1525 850316 for more information or click here

Reversible Conveyor Equipment

Often a question is asked if conveyors can be made reversible the simple answer is yes.

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Additional controls can be added to give a stop ~ start ~ reverse action. This is often used on floor to floor conveyors were products may need to be stored out of the way on a mezzanine floor and bought down for despatch when ordered.

Having a revesible conveyor replace having to either bring goods down manually or having the need for two conveyors.

Many types of belt can be supplied depending on the products to be moved.

This photo show a grip belt conveyor to transport parcels to an upper level.

Reversible Conveyor

Reversible Conveyor

PU Belt Conveyors

Todays blog will help you undestand a little more about PU Belt Conveyors and the advantages of using them.

A great example of a typical industry that uses this type of pu conveyor belt is the food and pharmaceutical as they need a belt that can provide flexibility but also need strength with resitance to oil, alkali, acid and cut resistance.

Please take a look at our page on Pu Belts.

PU Belt Conveyors

PU Belt Conveyors