Fruit Movers by C-Trak Ltd

Conveyors can be used to carefully handle your fruit, vegetable and salad process handling with ease. With new technology conveyor belting is more and more hygenic which is good news for food handling. Inclines are no longer a problem with special flighted belts to stop product slip back.

Our Vegetable and Fruit conveyors can be fitted with easy to clean belts so need to have loss of production check out our website at C-Trak Ltd

UK Exporting Conveyor Companies

C-Trak are a Conveyor Company that now Export Conveyors to the Middle East. They have a new agent in Saudi Arabia that can handle the Catering style of conveyors for their kitchen equipment.

They have been in business for over 30 years and have a good reputation for build quality and customer service.

If you are interested in exporting a UK conveyor from  Saudi Arabia then contact them on +00 44 (0) 1525 850316 for more information or click here

Powered Up with C-Trak Ltd

Another option for moving your product apart from belt conveyors is to use powered rollers they are a very popular choice for many industrial applications and whats more can be a cost saving  solution for material handling within a process.

Powered Roller Conveyors are also known as lineshaft conveyors click here for more information

Advantages of power rollers

  • can be used in hot and cold conditions
  • cost effective
  • Wet and Dry areas
  • Adaptable and great for going around bends
  • Low maintenance.

 Powered Roller Conveyor Photos

Powered Roller Conveyor

Powered Roller Conveyor

Agricultural Equipment from C-Trak Ltd

Its not just light duty belt conveyors that are used in agricultural industry. It is more common to see heavy duty applications with tough belts.

Harvesting is a busy time of year and hard wearing belts for the washing, sorting and packing are required.

But you also need care taken not to bruise you products that have taken so long to produce. Supplying the right type of belting for your agricultural conveyors is as important as deciding what products to grow.

Get a good conveyor company in to assess all your needs and take the time to bespoke a conveyor system unique for your products, not just an off the shelf conveyor that may only do part of the process you require.

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Metal Detector Incorporation

If you have food products it is important that you have them put through metal detectors to eliminate foreign objects from being enclosed.

Metal detector conveyors can be provided with all types of belting that do not have metal parts in the photo below it is a modular plastic belt but you could use a conventional belt conveyor or slat conveyor belt. Go to C-Trak Website for more details

Metal Detector Conveyors

Metal Detector Conveyors


Positive Drive at C-Trak

Is this the Next Step in Belting read on….

We are dealing with more and more demands in the work place and hygine levels are one of the many factors pushing to increase quality of conveyor belting.

Todays blog post is about Volta Conveyor Belting.

Volta are one of many conveyor belting companies with new products being released regularly. Lets take for example the new positive drive flat homogenous belts. This is all new technology and one of the newest generations of conveyor belts. This type of belting can typically be used in the food industry.

Many conveyor manufacturing companies are now looking at using this type of belting.

All of the belts are usda, fda and usda dairy approved.

Positive Drive

 Integral teeth guides the belt so their is no off-tracking, tensioning and belt slippage Smooth Homogenous Surfaces

  • Higher product value
  • low bacteria counts
  • improved shelf life
  • No fibers or plastic pieces that can potentially find their way into your food products.

Effective Sanitation:

Easily and effectively cleaned which will reduce  downtime of your production to a minimum.

Increased Productivity Cleaning time is drastically reduced and converted to valuable production time Cost Savings Lowers costs in water and chemical consumption, maintenance and sanitation. Greatly reduces product waste and water treatment costs. Our Positive-Drive line now includes three positive-drive belt styles super drive, dual drive and dual drive sp.

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