Bendy Belts

The belt bend is designed to join straight conveyors that need to be joined together at an angle.

Supplied in 3 colours Grey, Green and Blue. Qualities are good wear resistance with out use of lubrication. Very low maintenance capable of very high speed of products.

For more information go to our Modular Belt Bend page click here

modular belt bend

Modular Belt Bend

Thermodrive with C-Trak Ltd

C-Trak are now able to supply our customers with Intralox thermodrive belt conveyors which are the perfect solution for food handling applications. Our staff have been fully trained so they can offer advice on the very best type of belt for your products.

If hygiene is important to you then please read about intralox thermodrive belts click here

Non porous solid plastic surface so eliminates bacteria, the belts are easy to remove as positive drive and low tension.

intralox thermodrive belts

intralox thermodrive belt conveyors

Powered Up with C-Trak Ltd

Another option for moving your product apart from belt conveyors is to use powered rollers they are a very popular choice for many industrial applications and whats more can be a cost saving  solution for material handling within a process.

Powered Roller Conveyors are also known as lineshaft conveyors click here for more information

Advantages of power rollers

  • can be used in hot and cold conditions
  • cost effective
  • Wet and Dry areas
  • Adaptable and great for going around bends
  • Low maintenance.

 Powered Roller Conveyor Photos

Powered Roller Conveyor

Powered Roller Conveyor

Agricultural Equipment from C-Trak Ltd

Its not just light duty belt conveyors that are used in agricultural industry. It is more common to see heavy duty applications with tough belts.

Harvesting is a busy time of year and hard wearing belts for the washing, sorting and packing are required.

But you also need care taken not to bruise you products that have taken so long to produce. Supplying the right type of belting for your agricultural conveyors is as important as deciding what products to grow.

Get a good conveyor company in to assess all your needs and take the time to bespoke a conveyor system unique for your products, not just an off the shelf conveyor that may only do part of the process you require.

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What are Conveyor Belts

Going back to basics a belt conveyors are loops of belting which are endless (all in one with no ends) which can move your products from one place to another it maybe on the same level or you may need to intergrate flights for a incline. I will move onto this on future blogs

Belt Conveyors  can be powered by fixed or variable speed motors called drives and are often found on the factory floor and warehouse stations or indeed in any industrial type business.

Before conveyors:  components or products would need to have been moved manually around which was time consuming and also tiring. It was a great asset to a company that invested in conveyors as it increased production, cut down on wages due to the need of less manual labour and of course increased profits.

I will be blogging about different types of conveyors over the next few days. This was just a quick introduction to what conveyor belts are.