What are Conveyor Belts

Going back to basics a belt conveyors are loops of belting which are endless (all in one with no ends) which can move your products from one place to another it maybe on the same level or you may need to intergrate flights for a incline. I will move onto this on future blogs

Belt Conveyors  can be powered by fixed or variable speed motors called drives and are often found on the factory floor and warehouse stations or indeed in any industrial type business.

Before conveyors:  components or products would need to have been moved manually around which was time consuming and also tiring. It was a great asset to a company that invested in conveyors as it increased production, cut down on wages due to the need of less manual labour and of course increased profits.

I will be blogging about different types of conveyors over the next few days. This was just a quick introduction to what conveyor belts are.


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