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                  What Conveyor Belts do I need ?
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Brickade Conveyors

Providing all the informative information you need on selecting the correct conveyor belts for your individual applications.

Brikade Ltd can help you with a solutions with impartial advice for all your production process our aim is to dramatically improve your cost effectiveness.

Why Because we Can

Years of experience in conveyor design and manufacturer across a wide spectrum on industries give us the knowledge needed to access which conveyor will best suit your production needs.

Conveyor Belts for the Food Industry

Food Belt Conveyor Conveyor Belts for food Image

Brickade offer a range of belts for the food and pharmacutical sector were high standards of hygeine are imperative to prevent bacterial growth and contamination please to go our dedicated page food conveyor belts

Industrial Conveyors

Industrial Belt Conveyor Farm Industrial Belts

Heavy Duty Belts can be provided for the more industrial type of application. Chevron belts and Trough Belts are typical solutions.

Conveyor Systems

Having a reliable conveyor system in place that will be able to cope with the general abuse and overload that often happens with type of equipment is imperative.

If your belt conveyor fails you will loose production in downtime which ultimately looses you money. So you can see how important it is to find the right type of belt and conveyor equipment for your plant.

Belt Conveyors can enhance your productivity but to get the benefit of this you need to have your conveyor specifications set out correctly to get the ultimate benefit.

What we advice is a site visit where you can sit down with one of our experienced engineers to discuss your product handling only too often we are asked for a standard stock conveyor unfortunate one conveyor to fit all industries and products just does not work.

It is important to identify what you require of the conveyor and the budget you have and come up with the solution custom built for your individual products.

One of the advantages of Conveyor Belts over say rollers is that products that have irregular shapes will not fall through. when using Conveyor Belt there is nowhere for it to fall.

Guide rails can be added to the sides of belting to stop products falling of the sides.



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Incline Conveyors
Inclined Conveyors | Flights

Belt ConveyorsBelt Conveyors

Roller ConveyorsRoller Conveyors

Plastic Belt ConveyorPlastic Belt Conveyors

Slat ConveyorSlat Conveyors

Flat Belts

These are the most commonly and traditional type of conveyor in most industries and will serve you well if maintained. It is still widely used as it can be very cost effective ideal for packing and picking lines.

PVC Conveyor Belts
Often used in packaging, food, printing, paper, packaging, industries manufacturer in polyester fabric making it flexible strong and tear resistant.

Rubber Belts

Rubber belts use in industries such construction, mining and aviation as well as chemical applications.

Rubber Belts for Conveyor

PE Conveyor Belts

PU Conveyor Belts

Silicon Conveyor Belts

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