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   Conveyor-Belting for handling Waste Materials
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Waste Recycling Conveyor Belts

Everyone is trying to reduce their carbon foot print so why not your company.

Recycling your products helps the environment and is a good way for waste to make you a profit. Only to often we are throwing money away.

Waste Recycling Conveyors

To moving your waste products could be improved by installing a waste recycling conveyor.

What is important is getting the right belt for you. Is your waste biodegradable, glass or plastic, as each industry may need to consider different options when choosing a suitable belt. You may need a cut resistant belt/ rubber belt or heavy gauge wire belt.

The construction of the frame can be either stainless steel, Aluminum or mild steel. All of which will be robust and strong but the S/S will have the advantage of minimum corrosion. And aluminum conveyor your cheapest option.





Recycle your Waste

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