Spiral Upwards with C-Trak Conveyors

New Spiral Conveyor Technology

We are looking at conveyor belting for spiral conveyors in today’s blog.  Building Conveyors around your needs one of the new belts on the market the compact spiral conveyor for the food and processing market.

Spiral Conveyor Belting has the following benefits.

  •  Uses a small footprint so you do not waste factory floor space only using a 1.5 turn ratio.
  • The quality of the conveyors only using the best components ensuring it will last and have little maintenance.
  • Easy access for total wash down and maintenance reducing costs and providing better sanitation.
  • All plastic contact surface making it a great alternative for unpacked raw food products like meat, fish and poultry.
  • Exceptional cleaning belt design has double slot belts thus stooping food from getting trapped in hinged areas.
  • Stainless steel bearings so no lubricant is needed making it ideal for the food industry.
  • Low friction due to use of bearings the spiral are driven by one motor only for up to 50M of belt. Meaning less transfer making it very economical

Spiral Conveyors provide a solution which has the advantage of saving  space compared to a straight forward incline conveyor achieving continuous  vertical transfer  from low to high levels. Check out more information here

Over the last decade spiral conveyors have been replacing incline conveyors and we are sure it will continue to do so as the cost of factory floor space is rising. It would seem to be a natural step forward in the market today. Almost any type of product can be moved by a spiral conveyor including pre packed trays, cans, bottles and even loose products.

So to summarise the quality of these belts only one drive is needed, no lubrication, hygienic design and full width rod ensures a flat belt surface.

spiral conveyor

spiral conveyor