ARB with C-Trak


Great products introduced by intralox allowing products to change direction with very little effort. Low costs with great flexibility. No need for rails or additional equipment; as the rollers are underneath the belt moving heavy items with ease.

C-Trak are working with intralox supplying activated roller belt conveyors known as ARB to help increase your product handling flexibility.

C-Trak ARB

Active R B with C-Trak

C-Trak Stage Conveyors


Conveyors are not just used in industrial application many more bespoke custom built solutions are required.

Typically an unusual application; but amazingly often asked for are theatre conveyors used to simulate walkways and maximise small stage to create the scene required.

For more information on the types of conveyors that can be used on location fro C-Trak please go to their website

Bendy Belts

The belt bend is designed to join straight conveyors that need to be joined together at an angle.

Supplied in 3 colours Grey, Green and Blue. Qualities are good wear resistance with out use of lubrication. Very low maintenance capable of very high speed of products.

For more information go to our Modular Belt Bend page click here

modular belt bend

Modular Belt Bend

Thermodrive with C-Trak Ltd

C-Trak are now able to supply our customers with Intralox thermodrive belt conveyors which are the perfect solution for food handling applications. Our staff have been fully trained so they can offer advice on the very best type of belt for your products.

If hygiene is important to you then please read about intralox thermodrive belts click here

Non porous solid plastic surface so eliminates bacteria, the belts are easy to remove as positive drive and low tension.

intralox thermodrive belts

intralox thermodrive belt conveyors

Fruit Movers by C-Trak Ltd

Conveyors can be used to carefully handle your fruit, vegetable and salad process handling with ease. With new technology conveyor belting is more and more hygenic which is good news for food handling. Inclines are no longer a problem with special flighted belts to stop product slip back.

Our Vegetable and Fruit conveyors can be fitted with easy to clean belts so need to have loss of production check out our website at C-Trak Ltd